Saturday, August 3, 2013

Boston Comic Con Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman day 1

I know some are blurry but I tried to do the best I could!  Both sweet guys!!  Enjoy!
 photo IMG_0648_zps991eb3d7.jpg  photo IMG_0647_zpsef1c9de8.jpg  photo IMG_0645_zps9595094c.jpg  photo IMG_0643_zpsc3f4135a.jpg  photo IMG_0642_zps7e136f2a.jpg  photo IMG_0641_zps908db5bb.jpg  photo IMG_0640_zpsed69b194.jpg  photo IMG_0639_zps32cd7c72.jpg  photo IMG_0638_zps95a7cfe8.jpg  photo IMG_0636_zps6272c96a.jpg  photo IMG_0635_zpsf10a337d.jpg  photo IMG_0634_zps6876de94.jpg  photo IMG_0633_zpsb0239aae.jpg  photo IMG_0632_zps8df4817c.jpg  photo IMG_0631_zpsfbf02254.jpg  photo IMG_0630_zps4d5221ca.jpg  photo IMG_0628_zps43d95557.jpg  photo IMG_0626_zps26a8bd66.jpg  photo IMG_0625_zps8480163e.jpg  photo IMG_0623_zps3fe1e855.jpg  photo IMG_0622_zps1f75a147.jpg  photo IMG_0621_zpsdbd9042a.jpg  photo IMG_0620_zps36dfd255.jpg  photo IMG_0619_zpsb27a0bf7.jpg  photo IMG_0616_zps96a786fb.jpg  photo IMG_0615_zps131f65d5.jpg  photo IMG_0614_zps4597f945.jpg  photo IMG_0613_zps91076b7b.jpg  photo IMG_0611_zpsfbcf4b8e.jpg  photo IMG_0610_zpsfbd6fd94.jpg  photo IMG_0609_zps8edb0487.jpg  photo IMG_0608_zps845dc815.jpg  photo IMG_0607_zps5de5efc4.jpg  photo IMG_0606_zpsb965ec4a.jpg  photo IMG_0605_zpsc60cb8d0.jpg  photo IMG_0604_zps8cc1cf69.jpg  photo IMG_0603_zps2df0004a.jpg  photo IMG_0602_zps996824d0.jpg  photo IMG_0601_zpsa9a03621.jpg  photo IMG_0600_zps0aa4e77b.jpg  photo IMG_0599_zps03003c9c.jpg  photo IMG_0598_zps7b9357a5.jpg  photo IMG_0597_zps7db3913a.jpg  photo IMG_0596_zps22fc7361.jpg  photo IMG_0594_zpsced64ccd.jpg  photo IMG_0593_zpsa4c8e86e.jpg  photo IMG_0591_zpsbcda7b75.jpg  photo IMG_0590_zpsf0c0cd37.jpg  photo IMG_0589_zpsb34fabe2.jpg  photo IMG_0588_zpsbe64e97f.jpg  photo IMG_0587_zpsccbf6dc1.jpg  photo IMG_0586_zps9356b692.jpg  photo IMG_0585_zps54389098.jpg  photo IMG_0583_zps2c097727.jpg  photo IMG_0581_zps165c1961.jpg  photo IMG_0578_zpse2bc3665.jpg  photo IMG_0577_zpsd0c0ac21.jpg  photo IMG_0576_zps09da8e6f.jpg  photo IMG_0575_zps8e25dbc0.jpg  photo IMG_0573_zps594c2c2d.jpg  photo IMG_0570_zpsddd678ed.jpg  photo IMG_0569_zpsb6ca4d80.jpg  photo IMG_0565_zps3bb02f48.jpg  photo IMG_0564_zpse84fc83a.jpg  photo IMG_0563_zpsc4a02d01.jpg  photo IMG_0561_zps4dc00b29.jpg  photo IMG_0560_zps22d418bb.jpg  photo IMG_0559_zpsb7128921.jpg  photo IMG_0558_zps584d159a.jpg  photo IMG_0557_zpsb1ccc607.jpg  photo IMG_0556_zps83970462.jpg  photo IMG_0555_zps909621a5.jpg  photo IMG_0554_zps1bcf14df.jpg  photo IMG_0553_zpsae3480f0.jpg


  1. You got some awesome pictures of them!! I love it! It was so great to meet you in line today too!

  2. Not only do I get the beauty of Dean and Aidan, but Darren Helm, Patrick Eaves, Drew Miller, Val and Kronner. Wow, double the yum. Go Wings!

  3. Thank you so much for publishing all of these photos. I'm so glad you were able to go to the con and meet them. Don't worry about them being a bit blurry. I'm certain that they will never be blurry in your memory. :)