Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toast of Hockeytown pictures with the Red Wings Nov 22 2010

This event was amazing. The food was good and there was a ton of wine to choose from! Lots of silent and live auctions to raise money for the Red Wings Foundation Charities.

The guys were amazing - very nice and all looked fantastic in their suits. I felt like I was able to have nice conversations with all of them and never felt rushed.

*It always makes me giddy inside when the guys remember who I am...this was true for Kronwall, Eaves, Ericsson and Filppula. I think Jimmy, Miller and Bertuzzi recognize me but can't figure out from where.
*Apparently Kronwall didn't realize you had to be 21 to be at this event because he asked me where my son was LOL He also gave me multiple hugs. I really didn't want those to end!!
*Eaves kept telling me to make sure I told my son he said hi
*Hudler/Kindl/MacDonald went into hiding with food early on. Hudler was the only one we found later but he kept running away from people LOL
*Modano just launched into some huge tale about the hit from the last game to the point I had no clue what he was talking about LOL (maybe he had too much to drink?)
*Franzen actually talked to me this time. At TC all I got was uh huh from him over and over LOL

I will definitely be going back to this event!!

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